Twins for Peace

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You might have nailed it in the style department, but how are you on substance? Lacking? Ok, maybe it’s just me. But luckily for my conscience, doing something good (for a change) can be placed firmly on the agenda — all I have to do is shop. Twins for Peace, a Paris-based shoe retailer, came [...]

Game on with Converse

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Angus Bradshaw-Jones, 21, Sydney/Australia – “I’m a junior programer and my biggest dream is to make video games. So the shoes shouldn’t be a surprise!”

Playful Isabel Marant

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London-based Jewellery Designer Leila Kashanipour loves it colorful and playful in all parts of her life. Mint hair highlights, LeiVanKash necklace and her favorite Isabel Marant sneakers.  

Comme des “pink” garcons

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Pink Panther hits the streets of New York with these laid back loafers.