The History of Shoes


Shoes, heels, slippers; all such wonderful and tantilising treasures for your toes… ! I am very excited to inform you that this is not my typical footwear article (i.e. not your typical brands, designers, innovations, etc.). Although I will need to be a little more specific for this to hold true: I’ve spent the past few weeks researching the [...]



We wish you a wonderful 2013 and may all your “shoe” dreams come true! We want to thank you for all your support and being part of this community. We are giving our very best creating a place for shoe enthusiasts to meet and discuss their passion for shoes. Thank you for everything! Your Shoemocracy-Team

Let’s celebrate life

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Caroleen, Fashion Editor, New York City – “Fashion should be fun so grap your fancy clothes and let’s celebrate life!”

Fashion Explorer from Panama

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Mauricio Herrerabarria, Fashion Blogger, Panama – You don’t come across people from Panama every day. But one thing is for sure, they are awesome. We met Fashion Blogger Mauricio in New York a few weeks back. A lovely chap, crazy about fashion and a big shoe collector in his own right. Here he is wearing [...]

Words Of Wisdom


Yes, we all know: Shoes are the most important thing in life. Period. But sometimes we forget, and that’s okay. It’s our job here at Shoemocracy HQ to remind you what really matters… You think you are a “shoe’oracle” yourself? Drop us a line with your “shoe wisdom”. The most creative entry will get published [...]

In Shoes We Trust


Regardless of who you voted for yesterday, i think we’re all happy the election is finally over. We got contacted by shoe companies and magazines from around the world, all asking us the same question: “Did Obama win because of his shoes?” Honestly, we don’t know. We have been studying Barack’s and Mitt’s shoes for [...]

Barker Black’s Secret


  Barker Black is a British luxury footwear brand specializing in bench-made shoes for men. The Barker Black line is a subset of the English Shoe company Barker, which was founded in 1880 by Arthur Black. Launched in 2005 by creative director, Derrick Miller, the Barker Black brand quickly gained the attention of the fashion [...]

Twins for Peace

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You might have nailed it in the style department, but how are you on substance? Lacking? Ok, maybe it’s just me. But luckily for my conscience, doing something good (for a change) can be placed firmly on the agenda — all I have to do is shop. Twins for Peace, a Paris-based shoe retailer, came [...]