Up In The Air

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Melissa, New York, Sales Assistant – “My life motto is: The sky is the limit. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I adore these brogues by Jeffrey Campbell. Unique in it’s style and make me an inch taller!”

Converse For Life

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Daniel Lombardi, Fashion Consultant, New York – “I’m a Converse fan since im little. Same simple shape for decades and still one of the most reinvented shoes I can think of. Converse for life!”  

Wanderlust in Jimmy Choo’s

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Valentina V, Fashion Blogger / Wanderlust – Following her blog, one wonders if she has 5 sisters. Clubbing in New York monday night, exploring the markets in Hong Kong on Wednesday, sipping Martini in Paris on Saturday. A Platinum Frequent Flyer or secret inventor of a beaming machine, we can’t tell… Find out for yourself: [...]

The world is her oyster

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Jessica Mercedes, Fashion Blogger/TV Presenter/Columnist, Poland – Some people don’t need an introduction. The world is her oyster, Poland she calls home. A free spirit at heart and one of the most fashionable people we know. “I love these Jeff’s. Very fashionable for all seasons and one of my favorites a the moment.” Follow Jessica’s [...]

Jessie Artigue’s Shoe Picks


Jessie Artigue is a style expert, creative consultant & fashion blogger. She lives in the NYC-area, but loves hopping around the country to some of her favorite cities working and visiting family/friends – frequent stops include Scottsdale, San Diego & Kansas City (MO). She started her own business where she works as a wardrobe stylist [...]

China meets Italy

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Fashion blogger Lily is hitting New York’s streets again. A big supporter of upcoming chinese brands, today she is walking on italian soles.

King of Fashion


“King of Fashion IV”, how he is being called by his entourage. It was a very special moment indeed…

Up In The Air

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Sometimes it’s good to see things from another perspective. So put on your Campbell’s and hit the streets, carefully.

The Golden Age


With all this uncertainty, you want to be careful how to invest your money these days. But let’s be honest now, how could you go wrong with these golden Christian Louboutin. Be king – even if it’s just for a day…

Times Square!

SHOEMOCRACY billboard on Times Square!! Proud days...

SHOEMOCRACY billboard on Times Square!! Proud days… This is how we invest ALL our money