Converse For Life

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Daniel Lombardi, Fashion Consultant, New York – “I’m a Converse fan since im little. Same simple shape for decades and still one of the most reinvented shoes I can think of. Converse for life!”  



We wish you a wonderful 2013 and may all your “shoe” dreams come true! We want to thank you for all your support and being part of this community. We are giving our very best creating a place for shoe enthusiasts to meet and discuss their passion for shoes. Thank you for everything! Your Shoemocracy-Team

Insider Picks with Christine Bibbo Herr


CHRISTINE BIBBO HERR is among the most creative and sought-after stylists/spokespersons in New York City. Her astute eye for detail and design gives her an indisputable edge in anticipating trends and pulling together just the right elements for creating a look that defines an image or captures the mood of the moment. Always at the [...]

Game on with Converse

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Angus Bradshaw-Jones, 21, Sydney/Australia – “I’m a junior programer and my biggest dream is to make video games. So the shoes shouldn’t be a surprise!”