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China meets Italy

Fashion blogger Lily is hitting New York’s streets again. A big supporter of upcoming chinese brands, today she is walking on italian soles.

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Its all about the details

Ricky, Model, Los Angeles – I have always admired Louis Vuitton as a brand but these are actually the first ones i bought. Love the matt finish in combination with the metallic detail.

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From LA with love

Catherine Sheppard, Stylist, Los Angeles – Simple, rough and edges out any of my outfits. Follow her on twitter for styling tips @thelifestyled. -> Shop it


Love at first sight

Isaiah, Los Angeles, Design Blogger – Fell in love with these sneakers at first sight. No other shoe represents my personality better than these ‘psychedelic’ sneakers by Jeremy Scott. Love it!


King of Fashion

“King of Fashion IV”, how he is being called by his entourage. It was a very special moment indeed…


In Shoes I Trust

Jessica, 29, Fashion PR Assistant, New York City – “Absolutely love my job, especially because I can wear whatever I want. Adore my Campbell’s and guys better be careful…”

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Up In The Air

Sometimes it’s good to see things from another perspective. So put on your Campbell’s and hit the streets, carefully.


Shoemocracy – In Shoes We Trust

Welcome to Shoemocracy – The online community for shoe lovers around the world. From sneakers, heels, flats, oxfords, loafers, sandals to running shoes, whichever style you love, own or admire… Share your passion for shoes by creating your personal profile and engaging with likeminded footwear enthusiasts! Shoemocracy not only connects shoe fans but also gives [...]

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Gray was yesterday

Living in big cities and working in corporate offices, life can get a bit gray sometimes. But today is friday! So, take out your fancy stuff, put on some colors and enjoy your weekend!


The Golden Age

With all this uncertainty, you want to be careful how to invest your money these days. But let’s be honest now, how could you go wrong with these golden Christian Louboutin. Be king – even if it’s just for a day…

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Twins for Peace

You might have nailed it in the style department, but how are you on substance? Lacking? Ok, maybe it’s just me. But luckily for my conscience, doing something good (for a change) can be placed firmly on the agenda — all I have to do is shop. Twins for Peace, a Paris-based shoe retailer, came [...]


Back to the future

Every now and then, some great events are happening. Two weeks ago we landed our little rover on the mars (see what’s going up there) and from time to time, Marty McFly stops by and brings us a few goodies from the future. We say thank you.