Hello Halloween

Halloween just around the corner, you might want to have a look at these. Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young of Fantich & Young have created a pair of men’s dress shoes called the “Apex Predator Shoes” that look perfectly normal from a distance, until you turn them over and check out the soles. There [...]

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Bring it on

Born in Denmark, Camilla moved to London in 2000 to study the craft of shoe making where her eponymous shoe line took shape during her MA; Saks Fifth Avenue in the US bought her first collection while still a student. CAMILLA SKOVGAARD shoes are gaining recognition for their aesthetic fluid-edge style combined with high quality [...]

Peru 2

My Biggest Dream

Zoraida, 18, Peru – I have been living in Cusco my whole life. My family has a little stand at the market and I love meeting people from around the world! My biggest dream is to study one day.


Spring/Summer 2013 Review

New York, London, Milan and Paris, Spring Summer 13 – has been one of the most highly-anticipated fashion weeks for some time. With all eyes on New York as Jil Sander showed her first womenswear collection since returning to her own label and Paris as both esteemed designer’s Raf Simons and Heidi Slimane battle it [...]

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50 Years Of Revolution

Dr. Martens have always been different. No other brand has been mutated, customised, and freaked out like DM’s. From underground concerts in Camden to London’s high street, everywhere feels home.



Melanie, Sydney – Things can be a bit different “Down Under”. Some elf’s just can’t wait for christmas to come. “I’m usually not walking around like that. Seriously!”

KTZ Shoemocracy

Fashion Rebels

Brandon, New York – I have always been a bit of a fashion rebel. Absolutely love the work from the trio behind KTZ. Young, fresh, rebellious and definitely not boring! Want it? Get it – SHOP


Barker Black’s Secret

  Barker Black is a British luxury footwear brand specializing in bench-made shoes for men. The Barker Black line is a subset of the English Shoe company Barker, which was founded in 1880 by Arthur Black. Launched in 2005 by creative director, Derrick Miller, the Barker Black brand quickly gained the attention of the fashion [...]

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Buddies For Life

Kostandinos Lambridis, Artist, Greece –  I find inspiration everywhere I look and travelling is a big part of my life. These sneakers by camper have seen the world and became a piece of art itself!


Jessie Artigue’s Shoe Picks

Jessie Artigue is a style expert, creative consultant & fashion blogger. She lives in the NYC-area, but loves hopping around the country to some of her favorite cities working and visiting family/friends – frequent stops include Scottsdale, San Diego & Kansas City (MO). She started her own business where she works as a wardrobe stylist [...]


Vintage Treasures

Born in New York, fashion blogger, model and actress Christina Caradona loves discovering vintage treasures in little local stores. Follow her and get inspired on:


Out of the dark

Out of the dark, onto the streets of London.