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Words of Wisdom

“Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.” – Julian, Vancouver. You you are a “shoe’oracle” yourself? Drop us a line with your “shoe wisdom”. The most creative entry will get published next week! Don’t be shy: contact@shoemocracy.com  

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Let’s celebrate life

Caroleen, Fashion Editor, New York City – “Fashion should be fun so grap your fancy clothes and let’s celebrate life!”

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Santa Claus’ouboutin

Santa Claus, North Pole – He took out a few minutes of his busy schedule for a quick photo shoot for Shoemocracy. Besides his gigantic world wide franchise deals, he recently launched his first shoe collection. All boots are handmade by his magical elves and will hit stores autumn 2013. Shoemocracy will live stream the [...]

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Funky London Times

Malcom Willston, Fashion Student, London – “I’ve been a fan of Christian Louboutin for many years and these sneakers I just had to buy! Most of my shoes are more classy and elegant but we all have our flip side I guess…”

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Fashion Explorer from Panama

Mauricio Herrerabarria, Fashion Blogger, Panama – You don’t come across people from Panama every day. But one thing is for sure, they are awesome. We met Fashion Blogger Mauricio in New York a few weeks back. A lovely chap, crazy about fashion and a big shoe collector in his own right. Here he is wearing [...]


Insider Picks Natalie Suarez

Natalie Suarez is a model and fashion blogger from Los Angeles/California, recently relocated to NYC. A free spirit at heart and one of the most fashionable people we know, Natalie’s personal style blog “Natalie off Duty” is followed by thousands all over the world. On Shoemocracy she is sharing with us her “top 5″ shoes. Dive [...]


Retro Meets Future

  Valentina Badesco, Architecture student, Milan   – “I wanted to be an architect since childhood. Both my parents are architects and it makes me proud to see all their great work today! Lasting forever I hope! I love futuristic architecture, even though I like to dress more retro as you can see…”

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Corri’s secret…

Corri McFadden, Entrepreneur, New York – “I just love Christian Sirano. My favorite designer, very special in style and best of all, nobody has it!” Corri is the founder and CEO of online retail platform “eDrop-Off”, your destination to buy and sell designer clothing, handbags and more. Check it out! http://www.shopedropoff.com


Insider Picks W/ Charlotte

Originally from Holland, Charlotte runs her virtual fashion diary from her home in London. Her “Lookbook” section shows styling tricks for different trends, whether it be tie-dye, animal prints or the little red dress. “Blog every day and be yourself – your own personal style is the most important thing!”. This week, she exclusively picked [...]

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Italy back in the 50′s

Ivan, Editor At Large L’officiel, New York – “Shoes are the most important accessory for me. These Tommy Hilfiger’s remind me of Italy in the 50′s. Everything was so elegant and chic… I would love to have lived in the 50′s simply for the fashion!”


In Love With Bottines

We’ve always had a little crush on small, traditional shoe factories producing the highest quality footwear. In “Bottines” we found true craftsmanship mixed with timeless and elegant design. What else could a real shoe lover ask for? The small scale factory where the boots are made today was founded in 1958, in a town between Nîmes [...]