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Retro goes Modern

Madame B, Fashion Blogger, London – “I am a retro girl but love mixing up my wardrobe with modern pieces. I love the color red. Be it on my lips, my scarf or my new shoes! A true eye catcher and comfortable at the same time, try to find that!”


It’s all about the mix

Philippe, Fashion Student, London – “Fashion has always been about individuality. Personally, I think it’s all about the right mix. Second-hand sweater, bespoke trench coat and high street oxfords by Zara.”

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The Personal Touch

Sebastian, Blogger, London – “Absolutely adore John White but love to give my clothes a personal touch. Agree with me or not but I think I did an excellent job… ” What do you think?

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Walking Pink Elephants

Peter, Student, Zurich – “I’m a huge comic book fan so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I bought these sneakers a few weeks ago. I love colors and everything fun. Life can be serious enough sometimes so let’s at least put on some fun shoes ”


Greatest Invention Ever

  Dear iphone lovers, samsung warriors and blackberry addicts. Your phones might be working but when it comes to design, sorry, you might be out of fashion. Meet the “Shoe Phone”! UK company O2 teamed up with designer Sean Miles to create a fully working phone using recycled handsets and vintage shoes. The project called [...]

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Tell me a story

Jenny, Design Student, Santiago de Chile – “Even though I’m more drawn to modern design, I definitely have a nostalgic side too. I love things that tell a story. These sneakers I have for more than 3 years now… They brought me to some amazing places and hopefully more to come this year!”


Insider Picks With Carolyn Hsu

Carolyn Hsu is a New York based freelance writer and blogger. Her writing has been featured in, Refinery29, Stylecaster, and DailyMakeover among others. She’s also been the voice behind luxury lifestyle guide since 2006 and more recently launched her own personal style blog With the last name Hsu (pronounced Shoe), it only [...]


Shine So Bright

Emilia, Fashion Editor, London – “Sergio Rossi definitely knows how to make your dress jealous of your shoes. The perfect eyecatcher and a must have for every fashionista.”

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The Shoe Hunter

Matthew, Fashion Student – “I have far too many shoes! Just impossible to come home from a shopping spree without a new pair in my hands… These I bought a few weeks back. Love everything about it! Color, shape, fabric, not to forget my yellow socks!”

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Converse For Life

Daniel Lombardi, Fashion Consultant, New York – “I’m a Converse fan since im little. Same simple shape for decades and still one of the most reinvented shoes I can think of. Converse for life!”  


Passion for Fashion

Francesca Del Bufalo, Fashion Designer/Stylist, London – Grown up in Switzerland and Italy, Francesca always knew she wanted to work in fashion. After graduating from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, she is currently doing an internship at Vivienne Westwood in London. “I just have one pair of Steve Madden’s but definitely not the last… love the [...]

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Hawaii goes New York

Janine, Nurse, Hawaii – I live and work in paradise but sometimes I just need to get out there! I am visiting New York twice a year for fashion week and to see my friends! Deena & Ozzy is one of my favorite brands. The stripes in the back are awesome and they are super [...]