Greatest Invention Ever


Dear iphone lovers, samsung warriors and blackberry addicts. Your phones might be working but when it comes to design, sorry, you might be out of fashion. Meet the “Shoe Phone”! UK company O2 teamed up with designer Sean Miles to create a fully working phone using recycled handsets and vintage shoes. The project called “Walkie Talkies” is part of the O2 Recycling campaign which gives money to those who recycle their gadgets. Miles created four designs using a Christian Louboutin heel, a classic men’s brogue, a Nike Air trainer and a Hunter Welly.


Unfortunately, these beauties won’t be for sale and are just part of the O2 Recycling campaign. Having said that, the complete collection will be on display at an exhibition in march where visitors will be able to win all of the items. We let you know once we know more! What do you think? Would you actually buy one?


Images courtesy of O2