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Two Originals, New York City – Okay, now we are talking! If the shoes didn’t make you fall in love, then the fake mustache will do… We believe fashion should express your own personality and most importantly, be fun! So get your old curtains, carpets and pillows and make your own suit!


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Mia, Art Gallery Assistant, New York – “My ultimate party heels! So many great memories with these beauties… Expensive but simply irresistible!”

Up In The Air

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Melissa, New York, Sales Assistant – “My life motto is: The sky is the limit. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I adore these brogues by Jeffrey Campbell. Unique in it’s style and make me an inch taller!”

The Shoe Hunter

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Matthew, Fashion Student – “I have far too many shoes! Just impossible to come home from a shopping spree without a new pair in my hands… These I bought a few weeks back. Love everything about it! Color, shape, fabric, not to forget my yellow socks!”

Converse For Life

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Daniel Lombardi, Fashion Consultant, New York – “I’m a Converse fan since im little. Same simple shape for decades and still one of the most reinvented shoes I can think of. Converse for life!”  

Hawaii goes New York

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Janine, Nurse, Hawaii – I live and work in paradise but sometimes I just need to get out there! I am visiting New York twice a year for fashion week and to see my friends! Deena & Ozzy is one of my favorite brands. The stripes in the back are awesome and they are super [...]

Let’s celebrate life

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Caroleen, Fashion Editor, New York City – “Fashion should be fun so grap your fancy clothes and let’s celebrate life!”

Corri’s secret…

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Corri McFadden, Entrepreneur, New York – “I just love Christian Sirano. My favorite designer, very special in style and best of all, nobody has it!” Corri is the founder and CEO of online retail platform “eDrop-Off”, your destination to buy and sell designer clothing, handbags and more. Check it out!¬†

Italy back in the 50′s

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Ivan, Editor At Large L’officiel, New York – “Shoes are the most important accessory for me. These Tommy Hilfiger’s remind me of Italy in the 50′s. Everything was so elegant and chic… I would love to have lived in the 50′s simply for the fashion!”

Wanderlust in Jimmy Choo’s

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Valentina V, Fashion Blogger / Wanderlust – Following her blog, one wonders if she has 5 sisters. Clubbing in New York monday night, exploring the markets in Hong Kong on Wednesday, sipping Martini in Paris on Saturday. A Platinum Frequent Flyer or secret inventor of a beaming machine, we can’t tell… Find out for yourself: [...]