The Golden Age


With all this uncertainty, you want to be careful how to invest your money these days. But let’s be honest now, how could you go wrong with these golden Christian Louboutin. Be king – even if it’s just for a day…

Back to the future


Every now and then, some great events are happening. Two weeks ago we landed our little rover on the mars (see what’s going up there) and from time to time, Marty McFly stops by and brings us a few goodies from the future. We say thank you.  

Game on with Converse

272003_129513453796813_5842163_o 2

Angus Bradshaw-Jones, 21, Sydney/Australia – “I’m a junior programer and my biggest dream is to make video games. So the shoes shouldn’t be a surprise!”

Playful Isabel Marant

Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 5.55.23 PM 2

London-based Jewellery Designer Leila Kashanipour loves it colorful and playful in all parts of her life. Mint hair highlights, LeiVanKash necklace and her favorite Isabel Marant sneakers.  

San Francisco Meets NYC

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 5.18.16 PM 2

Yes, the 2010′s are awesome but let’s face it, nothing beats the 60′s in San Francisco. Put on your ‘Lennon’ glasses, denim shirt, your camera (just in case) and these fabulous heels. All set.  

In Kennedy’s footsteps

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 11.24.36 PM 2

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was undeniably one of the greatest style icons of the last century. Every now and then you get a glimpse of her elegant and classy style – unexpected and blown away in the streets of London…  

Beijing goes Westwood


April, Art Student, 21, Beijing – “I’m always looking for things with a little “twist”. I bought these in the art district 798, such an inspiring place with lots to discover. I mean, look at my shoes!” Rocking Horse Shoes by Vivienne Westwood

Comme des “pink” garcons

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 5.39.12 PM

Pink Panther hits the streets of New York with these laid back loafers.



Brazilian style meets Milan street chic.  We love these ankle boots from Schutz, perfect for keeping warm whilst running between shows during Milan Fashion Week.

Street Eleganza by Armani


Armani.  Chic, elegant, classic and timeless.  What more can we say.